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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Senior Member Crazy Paranoid Licking Cat46/Female/Switzerland Groups :iconh3lpers: h3lpers
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In love with typography #50 ... jubilee
In love with typography is my serial of typographic excellence at deviantART, simply my favorite typographic artworks.
This is Part #50, the next ten awesome works.
Wow, part number 50? I never thought after my first news , that I will reach the 50th edition. And I want to thank you all great deviants and typophile people. I am so sorry that especially this edition is coming out to late, but sometimes there are things in life that made our day chaotic :D So enjoy this edition and keep rocking on deviantART!
You could also check my private german blog about design, typography, motion-design, free fonts & more related stuff:

anarchy 1....

All That Jazz
Es un trabajo para mi clase de tipografía...

Theme : Dadaism
:iconspicone:spicone 7 8
dA Loving Day and Birthday Events
Oh Mai!
The time is here
to spread sum luff
and some cheer!
That's right deviants! This week is very exciting!
:bulletblue: deviantART is turning 8 on August 7th!
:bulletblue: Thumbshare is turning 4 on August 7th!
:bulletblue: dA Loving Day is on August 9th!
What to expect?
Tons of awesome games, challenges and meets all over the site.
Make sure to check out various journals and dAmn chats for special going ons those days ;)
:whisper: I know for a fact that there are many secret events being planned.
What can I do in the mean time?
:iconsecretadmirerplz: SecretAdmirerPlz has went old school and brought back our old icon and deviant messages! Check our journal for the new deal-e-o.
:iconsecretadmirerplz:SecretAdmirerPlz 16 1
Firefox and dA - Add-ons, Extensions and Plugins
"Save a kitten, get Mozilla Firefox." - Chinese proverb

:batman: Significant Add-ons
Greasemonkey - allows users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to most HTML-based web pages.
Stylish - allows easy management of user styles.

:batman: dAmn
dAx - Multi-featured chat extension.
dAxfix - Temporary fix for FF3
dAmnXPCOM - Flashing tabs, faster communication and startup.
EmoteScript - Custom emotes.
tinydAmn - Streamlined chat interface.
:iconvayde:Vayde 76 47
The 8th Dimension in the Nude Contest
"Beings from Another Dimension have invaded your world!"
:strip: This year we are celebrating deviantART's 8th Birthday :strip:
To celebrate dA's birthday the Artistic Nude Gallery will be having a contest where you can WIN and have some fun while doing it!!!

There will also be a 3 month's subscription giveaway in the #artnudes this August 7th - and since it is in honor of dA's 8th b-day there will be given 8 subs of three months!!! Yes, it's true, even after the amazing prizes of this contest!!! Consider it a warm up... and a gift, from dA to You!
:paranoid: About...
The 8th Dimension in the Nude
Inspired by "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) - " we present a contest where sci-fi meets surreality... think twilight zone, aliens, time travel, something bizar
:iconhelewidis:Helewidis 70 55
Bi-Weekly Film Review # 4
Training & learning from the evaluation of films and people’s  opinion and critics. There will be a bi-weekly film review (any genre, commercial or independent, good or bad, new or old, etc). Just take it as a mental and visual exercise and it can be funny ¡¡¡
:film:Film Review # 4
:pointr:  Title and Year:  In the Mood for Love  (2000)
:pointr:  Genre: Drama
:pointr:  Director: Wong Kar-Wai
:pointr:  Screenwriter: Wong Kar-Wai
:pointr:  Music or Soundtrack: Michael Galasso
:pointr:  Cast:  Tony Leung (AKA Tony Leung Chiu Wai), Maggie Cheung, Rebecca Pan, Liu Chum, Siu Ping-Lam, Chin Chi-Ang, Chan Man-Lui, Koo Kam-Wah, Yu Hsien, Chow Po-Chun
Film Review suggested by :iconsnailed: Thank you :rose:
Write your opinion / critique
:iconkaotika:Kaotika 28 6
8 Face of Text Art
With deviantART's 8th birthday approaching, it's only right if we greet it with celebration and what better way to celebrate it than with a text art contest!!
About the Contest
I bet you already guessed it but I'll just tell you, it's related to number 8. Without further ado, the rules are:
Start date: August 7, 2008
End Date: August 31, 2008

:pointr: TEXT ART ONLY.
:pointr: We will use a scoring system for this contest and three participants with the highest score will be the winners.
:pointr: I will give you a challenge of 8 different 'face' for you to identify and all you gotta do is tell me the names of the 'faces'. Each face will have their own points and of course the more you get it right, the more points you will get, and the higher your chance of winning. Send a note to me, arhcamt, titled "8 Face Text Art Contest - Answer" for the answer.
:pointr: To get even more points, you can make a text art work using 8 different fonts. You get an insta
:iconarhcamt:arhcamt 36 17
Top ten things to do without dAmn
Oh noes dAmn is down  what can I do?
Well we all know how completely  addictive  the dAmn chats are,  and i can bet your life on it at least one of you reading this  is thinking “OMG NO WAI I CANTS GET ON CHATZ AGAINZ, WHAT CAN I DO” :giggle:  (for those reading after  I wrote this when  dAmn was actually down)
Well  never  fear  here  are some things you could  amuse yourself with!
1 Well how about reliving some of those dAmn experiences  by popping along and checking out our very own dAmn quotes!  Now this will either make you miss dAmn so much you just wanna bang you head against a wall or laugh  your socks off , so tread carefully  
2 You could do that thing you have been meaning to do for ages and maybe actually c
:iconkrazykel:krazykel 55 118 by feartox :iconfeartox:feartox 480 93
The Cutting Edge 31/08 + Contest + Winners
The Cutting Edge is a weekly article that features selected high quality art products that caught our eyes when they passed through our print reviews queue.
Check out the cutting edge works your fellow print artists have submitted in the past week!

:shop3751484: :shop3751415: :shop3762967: :shop3756281:
:shop3755859: :shop3762662: :shop3744150: :shop3790587:
:shop3785601: :shop3778851: :shop3743318: :shop3780176:
:shop3766458: :shop3785743: :shop3742998: :shop3742766:
:shop3780339: :shop3780730: :shop3765952: :shop3781253:
:shop3124764: :shop3781341: :shop3744418: :shop3784616:
:shop3744560: :shop3742324: :shop3742688: :shop3775505:
:shop3753905: :shop3759097: :shop3741872:
:shop3764355: :shop3760317: :shop3764478:
:shop3751949: :shop3745340: :shop3779401:
:shop3743199: :shop3751447: :shop3742705:
:shop3748062: :shop3777947: :shop3765643:
:shop3742718: :shop3778444: :shop3776162:
:shop3783882: :shop3771590: :shop3747383:
:shop3752590: :shop3749267: :shop3750083:
:iconmidnightexigent:MidnightExigent 81 99
Passion by MissHayleyBee Passion :iconmisshayleybee:MissHayleyBee 2,638 624 big G by red-FeNIks big G :iconred-feniks:red-FeNIks 598 150 Piano Thing by jullieit Piano Thing :iconjullieit:jullieit 2,498 414 Watching you? v1.3 by philho Watching you? v1.3 :iconphilho:philho 531 472 Death ray by CookiemagiK Death ray :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 6,625 1,233
'No images' contest winners and entries
The first contest was a greater success than expected, so take a look at all the awesome entries and winners!
**The entries
   Ridge Groove Blue - FJCSS by ninesguard Minimal Blue Journal CSS by timmy64 Journal Without Images by Sedma :thumb92047631: CSS + Pixel Play by Vayde :thumb91741744: :thumb91638567: CSS-Contest Entry by SilverPixiGirl kelanis by Kjherstin :thumb92920589: eCSSited Entry 2 by Dan4ArChAnGeL eCSSited Entry 1 by Dan4ArChAnGeL Article Style CSS by electricnet eCSSited Contest Entry V2 by sine-out CSS- Gold and Burgundy by EtherealVespiary
Without thumbs:
by zikes
by timmy64
by jimmy-tm and and
3rd place
:thumb91741744: by post-sanity
2nd place
:iconecssited:eCSSited 17 4

Newest Deviations

La mer, tout un monde by cybergranny La mer, tout un monde :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 0 Flyer la haut sur la montagne by cybergranny Flyer la haut sur la montagne :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 1 0 Expo noel 2016 by cybergranny Expo noel 2016 :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 0
Upside down
Deep in my soul
Blue hesitation
Blue sensation
Mirror of the ocean
Me and myself
Two sides
Upside down
:iconcybergranny:cybergranny 1 0
Upside down by cybergranny Upside down :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 2 2 Pop and soupe by cybergranny Pop and soupe :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 4 3 Sardine's blues by cybergranny Sardine's blues :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 5 10 Poster Taste exhibition by cybergranny Poster Taste exhibition :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 2 Me and the pig by cybergranny Me and the pig :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 3 2 Voyages voyages poster by cybergranny Voyages voyages poster :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 2
Inside a pig lies a turkey
He's there, sitting in the kitchen in front of the oven - as always - a napkin around his neck, cutlery in each hand, watching the silent ballet of his wife, rhythmic as the tic-tac of the clock and the rain falling on the roof.
Suddenly the big hand joins the little one, and the strokes begin to ring throughout the kitchen. As soon as the woman hears, she stops dancing. The man tightens his hands around the cutlery and his face tenses as she opens the oven. An enormous meat dish appears and lands on the table; inside lies a giant roasted suckling pig surrounded by crispy potatoes. 
He plunges the knife into the flesh, furiously cuts up a big slice and shoves it into his gaping mouth. His jaws open and close loudly over the massive slab, dropping some pieces on his swollen feet; his throat gulps down the half mashed food, shaking his flabby body.
Big Fat Turkey, that's what people call him.
It has not always been like this. When he was young and thin as a
:iconcybergranny:cybergranny 2 2
L'ange de pierre by cybergranny L'ange de pierre :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 5 0 Summer memories by cybergranny Summer memories :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 6 0 Blue Horizon by cybergranny Blue Horizon :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 3 2 Retour de voyage by cybergranny Retour de voyage :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 0 Arts deco arts d'echo by cybergranny Arts deco arts d'echo :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 1 2

DA suggestions

I've shared a suggestion for events/exhibitions.
Take a look at it in the suggestion forum…



non parlarne mai by agnes-cecile non parlarne mai :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 13,623 661 nothing is enough by agnes-cecile nothing is enough :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 2,736 136 Cliff Dreaming by mooreartist Cliff Dreaming :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 147 24 Fran Dreaming by mooreartist Fran Dreaming :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 26 9 Head Somatom by mooreartist Head Somatom :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 3 0 The Great Sphinx of Inchicore by mooreartist The Great Sphinx of Inchicore :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 39 12 Yellow Dreamer by mooreartist Yellow Dreamer :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 20 8


For once we decided to launch a collective exhibition themed with the week of tastes which runs from 15th-25th September.

I will make 2 Slowakish food specialities for the exhibition and homemade marshmallows.

Poster Taste exhibition by cybergranny


Deep in my soul

Blue hesitation

Blue sensation

Mirror of the ocean

Me and myself

Two sides

Upside down

Upside down
Poem by accident
Sometimes, our subconscious is more poetic than we think.
I was searching a title for the work under, and wrote several ideas to a friend vicexversa, she thought I was quoting a poem, so we made it into a poem.
We didn't even change the order of the words/ideas at all, we only turned them in lines.

In fact I realized that it was me in the poem.

Another friend who is artist told me that I had often 2 sides/2 opposites in my work. I hadn't noticed it before but I think she's totally right.

Upside down

I was looking for titles, and I wrote some to a friend, she thought I was quoting a poem, she suggested to turn the titles into a poem and here it is.


Deep in my soul
Blue hesitation
Blue sensation
Mirror of the ocean
Me and myself
Two sides
Upside down



Crazy Paranoid Licking Cat
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I have a psychopath laugh according to a co-worker! Best compliment^^
Currently working as a medical lab as main job but in my spare time I love creating and expressing things.
My brain is always full of ideas and imagination.I like to play with senses, sensuality and a bit provocation.
I exhibit from time to time and love to work on collaborative projects.




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