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Online Exhibition at KulayDiwa :icongromyko:gromyko 4 24
The Cutting Edge 31/09
The Cutting Edge is a weekly article that features brand new selected high quality art products that caught our eyes.
Check out the cutting edge prints some of your fellow artists have submitted in the past week!

:iconmidnightexigent:MidnightExigent 59 22
El funcionamiento de una mosca :iconnovac:novac 553 64 The fooling around :iconcaioscardoso:caioscardoso 1,522 238 caos :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 1,924 149
Chants of Blasphemy
Chants of Blasphemy

by Gromyko Semper(first 14 lines) and Bernard Dumaine (2nd 14 lines)
An Exquisite Corpse Poetry

Be thou still and solid marble rock stands still,
A cornucopia of spectral blind leads the doorway to your dream,
Of naked Nunwhores, and beastly Priests,
Of Benedict committing fellatio on his own dick,
Of Michelangelo wearing Briefs, Mona Lisa with her Dildo stick,
In flesh appearing did Leonardo’s pectoralis speak?
Begging Tintoretto’s supper of Corn and steel,
Hoax of extraterrestrial territorial leach,
Committing premeditative murder of the Witch,
The ever unfathomable Vagina of Our Lady of Lourdes,
The nine millimeter tower of Babel as we speak,
We pray unto thee;
The sisters at Fatima orgasmically teach,
This way my brothers insert fifty fingers at our creek,
We pray unto thee;
Oh the bleeding eyes of Virgin Mary’s Labia Minora,
Sweet to taste sayeth ants and termites lick,
We pray unto thee;
Oh the rosary splayed among pink flesh the
:icongromyko:gromyko 5 15
Humps in May
So, there went the summer in two blushes of sunburn,
and now beech leaves slap against the grey
waters of the storm that feeds
rivers as they swell and brown
carving through land as lightning
through air, it whips and
whips a brave church spire
that dares to scrape the squall.
I remember the songs of flies,
the plop of golf balls in ponds,
and the laughter of lazy businessmen.
I remember smoking outside,
the pinkness of girls, the fire
on the heath and the smell
of beer gardens. But this is to be
a summer of wet snails and ducks,
who stare in silence from the river bank
at the ruffled water and the rustling
gale and the rippled people in raincoats.
I remember her fingers in mine,
her hand swimming with the koi carp,
her arm, cold and white and lean
on the hot black fat leather seats.
I remember her mouth in mine,
believing in God for ten seconds
and after it, driving home with
leg cramps. So, there went the summer.
And the wind cries against my window,
and birds howl along with dog-mus
:iconabcat:AbCat 5 13
Block Head :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 23 3
Art History Contest: Baroque
Following the article released, Art History Spotlight: Baroque, the Traditional Gallery presents to you, ONCE AGAIN IN ALL IT'S AWESOMENESS:
Drumroll, please...
The Art History Contest!
the booms.
Each quarter, as we address different movements, chosen by you in a poll, there will be an educational article followed by a contest on the movement itself.
This quarter, your mission is to create an original Traditional work based on the Baroque (life)style as listed in the Art History Spotlight: Baroque article.
:star: First Prize: 25 deviant dollars and a 3 month subscription + feature from the Traditional Gallery Mods (Root gallery).
:star: Second Prize: 10 deviant dollars and a 3 month subscription + feature from the Traditional Gallery Mods (Root gallery).
:star: Third Prize: 3 month subscription+ feature from the Tradition
:iconoilsoaked:oilsoaked 69 38
Trashrock - Reloaded in August 09
:poke:I am supposing that you, our watchers, have noticed our inactivity and the process of critique fall by the wayside.
There are many reasons for this, so I shall list them in an organised fashion:
:fella: The general upheaval of circumstances surrounding both poprocksandcharlotte and fllnthblnk. Unfortunately, we are not robots quite yet and do have unpredictable lives to contend with, because of this, dA can fall by the wayside.
:fella: A hiatus that was never actually broken.
:fella: A lack of time to commit to TR fully and completely, considering our plans for development in VA.  Luckily, time has become something a little more available now.
:fella: The unpredictability of critics.
There are a few others, but they are covered under the first and are more personal in nature.
:shrug:So what happens now? Is the staff still the same?
With the exception of a few, I’m wiping the critic slate clean and inviting everybody to apply again, in the
:icontrashrock:Trashrock 15 7
Alice in Wonderland Trailer and Character Designs!
Here's the official trailer of Tim Burton's higly anticipated take on "Alice in Wonderland"
In 2008 I had the opportunity to do a lot of the character designs for the film, below is one of the concepts I did for the Red Queen:

There's some further concepts of the Madhatter and further info in this journal:
I will be able to show more of the original designs when the film is released in 2010, so stay tuned!
:iconmichaelkutsche:michaelkutsche 136 59
The Cutting Edge 30/09
The Cutting Edge is a weekly article that features brand new selected high quality art products that caught our eyes.
Check out the cutting edge prints some of your fellow artists have submitted in the past week!

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:iconmidnightexigent:MidnightExigent 54 42
TradSavvy V: kolaboy on Acrylics

Greetings! We from The Community Relations' Traditional Art Team thank you all for your patience during the rather long hiatus, and we're proud to present the fifth instalment of Project TradSavvy.   Joining us here today for the coverage on acrylics is our very own master of surrealism, kolaboy!

The Interview
1. Hello Danny, and thank you very much for participating TradSavvy as our guest artist!   As this article is covering acrylics, please tell us what is it about this genre of medium that fascinates you so.
Versatility. You can use acrylics much in the same way that you would oils, or watercolours. I once used a tube of Mars Black to reattach my car antenna... but that's another story.
2. Are there any aspects you would recommend one to pay attention
:iconsnowmask:snowmask 57 63
shut up when i'm talking :iconcepums:cepums 31 25

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La mer, tout un monde :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 0 Flyer la haut sur la montagne :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 1 0 Expo noel 2016 :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 0
Upside down
Deep in my soul
Blue hesitation
Blue sensation
Mirror of the ocean
Me and myself
Two sides
Upside down
:iconcybergranny:cybergranny 1 0
Upside down :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 2 2 Pop and soupe :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 4 3 Sardine's blues :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 5 10 Poster Taste exhibition :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 2 Me and the pig :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 3 2 Voyages voyages poster :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 2
Inside a pig lies a turkey
He's there, sitting in the kitchen in front of the oven - as always - a napkin around his neck, cutlery in each hand, watching the silent ballet of his wife, rhythmic as the tic-tac of the clock and the rain falling on the roof.
Suddenly the big hand joins the little one, and the strokes begin to ring throughout the kitchen. As soon as the woman hears, she stops dancing. The man tightens his hands around the cutlery and his face tenses as she opens the oven. An enormous meat dish appears and lands on the table; inside lies a giant roasted suckling pig surrounded by crispy potatoes. 
He plunges the knife into the flesh, furiously cuts up a big slice and shoves it into his gaping mouth. His jaws open and close loudly over the massive slab, dropping some pieces on his swollen feet; his throat gulps down the half mashed food, shaking his flabby body.
Big Fat Turkey, that's what people call him.
It has not always been like this. When he was young and thin as a
:iconcybergranny:cybergranny 2 2
L'ange de pierre :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 5 0 Summer memories :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 6 0 Blue Horizon :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 3 2 Retour de voyage :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 0 0 Arts deco arts d'echo :iconcybergranny:cybergranny 1 2

DA suggestions

I've shared a suggestion for events/exhibitions.
Take a look at it in the suggestion forum…



non parlarne mai :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 13,619 661 nothing is enough :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 2,747 136 Cliff Dreaming :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 146 24 Fran Dreaming :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 26 9 Head Somatom :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 3 0 The Great Sphinx of Inchicore :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 39 12 Yellow Dreamer :iconmooreartist:mooreartist 20 8


For once we decided to launch a collective exhibition themed with the week of tastes which runs from 15th-25th September.

I will make 2 Slowakish food specialities for the exhibition and homemade marshmallows.

Poster Taste exhibition by cybergranny


Deep in my soul

Blue hesitation

Blue sensation

Mirror of the ocean

Me and myself

Two sides

Upside down

Upside down
Poem by accident
Sometimes, our subconscious is more poetic than we think.
I was searching a title for the work under, and wrote several ideas to a friend vicexversa, she thought I was quoting a poem, so we made it into a poem.
We didn't even change the order of the words/ideas at all, we only turned them in lines.

In fact I realized that it was me in the poem.

Another friend who is artist told me that I had often 2 sides/2 opposites in my work. I hadn't noticed it before but I think she's totally right.

Upside down

I was looking for titles, and I wrote some to a friend, she thought I was quoting a poem, she suggested to turn the titles into a poem and here it is.


Deep in my soul
Blue hesitation
Blue sensation
Mirror of the ocean
Me and myself
Two sides
Upside down



Crazy Paranoid Licking Cat
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I have a psychopath laugh according to a co-worker! Best compliment^^
Currently working as a medical lab as main job but in my spare time I love creating and expressing things.
My brain is always full of ideas and imagination.I like to play with senses, sensuality and a bit provocation.
I exhibit from time to time and love to work on collaborative projects.




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